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Effect of Inbreeding on Genetic Parameters and Breeding Values for Production and Reproduction Traits in Holstein Cattle of Iran

Mohammad Rokouei; Rasoul Vaez torshizi; Mohammad Moradi shahr babak; Mahdi Sargolzaei; Anders Sorencen

Volume 42, Issue 1 , July 2011, , Pages 1-10

  Effects of inbreeding coefficient on estimates of genetic parameters, breeding values and genetic trends for production traits (milk, fat and protein yields), reproduction traits (age at the first calving, interval between first insemination to conception, calving interval, interval between calving to ...  Read More

QTL Analysis of Growth Traits on Chromosome 18 in Lori-Bakhtiari Sheep

Vahid Iranpour mobarakeh; Ali Esmaeilzadeh kashkouieye; Ebrahim Asadi khashouei

Volume 42, Issue 1 , July 2011, , Pages 11-19

  In order to identify the segre QTL affecting growth traits on the end region of chromosome 18 in a Lori-Bakhtiari sheep population, 162 animals from 5 paternal half-sib families were taken to be studied. Phenotypic data included records of birth weight (BWT), weight at one month of age (W1), weaning ...  Read More

Dietary Factors Affecting Egg Cholesterol Content in Laying Hens

Soudabeh Moradi; Mahmoud Shivazad; Ahmad Zare shahneh; Seyed Ahmad Mirhadi

Volume 42, Issue 1 , July 2011, , Pages 21-27

  This trial was conducted to evaluate the effects of different dietary factors that affect egg cholesterol concentration in laying hens of 56 to 70 weeks of age. Three hundred and ninety six Hy-Line W36 laying hens were subjected to 11 experimental treatments, each treatment consisting of 4 replicates, ...  Read More

The Effect of Using Different Levels of Rice Bran either with or without Multi-Enzyme Supplementation on Broiler Chicks' Performance

Maziyar Moghaddam tabrizi; Mohammad Salar Moeini

Volume 42, Issue 1 , July 2011, , Pages 29-38

  The present study was conducted to determine the effects of different levels of rice bran along with a multi enzyme on the performance of broiler chicks. Three hundred eighty four day-old male broiler chicks were taken in 8 treatments comprised of different levels of rice bran (0, 6, 12 and 18%) together ...  Read More

The Effect of Divergent Selection for 4-wk Body Weight on Growth Curve Parameters and Carcass Components in Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Hamid Beygi; Abbas Pakdel; Mohammad Moradi shahr babak

Volume 42, Issue 1 , July 2011, , Pages 39-45

  This study has been carried out to investigate the effect of short-term divergent selection for 4-wk body weight on growth curve parameters and carcass components in Japanese quail. Quail lines utilized were two divergently selected for high (HW) and low (LW) 4-wk body weight (BW) as well as a line as ...  Read More

Effect of Nutrition Management on Fattening Performance and on Cost Benefit Analysis in Lori-Bakhiari Lambs

Gholamreza Shadnoush; Masoud Alikhani; Hamidreza Rahmani; Mohammad Ali Edris; Azizolah Kamalzade; Mojtaba Zahedifar

Volume 42, Issue 1 , July 2011, , Pages 47-55

  Forty-two weaned Lori-Bakhtiari lambs were taken in an investigation for the effects of two-nutritional management methods of restricted vs. re-alimentation feeding on intake, growth and as well on the cost benefit analysis. During the Feed Restriction Period (FRP), the Control (C) animals were fed low-quality ...  Read More

Nutritive Evaluation of Vicia sativa, Lathyrus sativus and Vicia ervilia Forage through Chemical and Gas Production Techniques

Vahideh Razm azar; Nour Mohammad Torbatinejad; Jamal Seyfdavati; Saeid Hassani

Volume 42, Issue 1 , July 2011, , Pages 85-93

  An experiment was carried out to investigate the nutritive value of hay of Vicia sativa, Lathyrus sativus and Vicia ervilia cultivated in Ardabil province. Digestibility was estimated through in vitro method. Gas Production (GP) was recorded after 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, 48, 72 and 96 h of incubation. Crude ...  Read More

Effect of Different Levels of Vitamin E and Soybean Oil on Production Performance and on Mammary Gland Health in Holstein Cows

Mohsen Bayat; Hasan Ali Arabi; Mohammad Mahdi Tabatabaei; Ali Asghar Saki; Dariush Alipour; Pouya Zamani; Ahmad Ahmadi; Zahra Zamani; Amir Hosein Dezfoulian

Volume 41, Issue 4 , March 2011, , Pages 299-307

  This experiment was conducted to determine the effect of feeding Soybean Oil (SO) along with vitamin E on performance and mammary gland health in Holstein cows. Eight Holstein lactating cows were employed in a 2×2 factorial experiment and in an incomplete replicated latin square design. Treatment diets ...  Read More

Effect of Variety, Cultivation Area and Enzyme Supplementation on Metabolisable Energy in Triticale

Hamid Zarghi; abolghasem Golian; Hasan Kermanshahi; Hasan Aghel

Volume 41, Issue 4 , March 2011, , Pages 309-321

  Three experiments were conducted to study the chemical composition and the effect of variety, cultivation area as well as enzyme supplementation on the apparent and true metabolisable energy of triticale. In the first experiment, the precision-fed rooster assay was employed to determine the true metabolisable ...  Read More

A Genetic Analysis of Growth Traits in Raieni Cashmere Goat Using Multivariate Animal Model

Mohammad Nabi Hasani; Masoud Asadi fozi; Ali Esmaeilizadeh; Mohammad Reza MohammadAbadi

Volume 41, Issue 4 , March 2011, , Pages 323-329

  Genetic analysis of growth traits including body weight recorded at birth (bwt), 3 (3bwt), 6 (6bwt), 9 (9bwt) and 12 (12bwt) months of age was carried out using 4107 records on Raieni Cashmere goats born from 206 sires and 1402 dams, during years 1992 to 2006. The records were collected from a resource ...  Read More

An Estimation of the Genetic, Phenotypic and Environmental Trends for as Related to Growth Traits, and Pelt Score in Karakul Sheep

Saeed Hasani; Omid Emam Verdi; Saeed Zerehdaran; Mojtaba Ahani Azari; Homayoun Farhangfar

Volume 41, Issue 4 , March 2011, , Pages 343-349

  Thriteen thousand, seven hundred and fifty two (13752) records on growth tarits (birth weight, 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 month weights) as well as pelt scores, collected during 1996-2002 as Karakul Sheep Breeding Station, Sarakhs, Iran were employed in this study. Best Liner Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) of breeding ...  Read More

Influence of Fitting Different Animal Models on Genetic Parameters of Day-old Chick Weight

abaolghasem Seraj; Rasoul Vaez Torshizii; Abbas Pakdel

Volume 41, Issue 4 , March 2011, , Pages 363-371

  Influence of maternal and sire-generation interaction effects on day-old chick' weight was investigated in two commercial broiler sire and dam lines, and in Mazandaran native fowls. The data were analysed through Restricted Maximum Likelihood (REML) procedures, using ASREML software. Ten different animal ...  Read More

An Estimation of the Response to Selection, and Realized Heritability for Four and Five Weeks of Age Body Weight in Japanese Quail

Homa Arabi; Mohammad Moradi Shahrbabak; Ardeshir Nejati Javaromi

Volume 41, Issue 4 , March 2011, , Pages 373-380

  In the present research, divergent selection for Japanese quail body weight at four and five weeks of age was performed in five generations to estimate the response to selection and realized heritability. The average body weight was significantly (p  Read More

The Effects of Phenolic Compounds Deactivation Through Different Treatments on Sainfoin Hay Chemical Composition, and A Determination of Its Crude Protein Fractioning in AFRC in CNCPS Systems

Hamed Khalilvand Behroozyar; Mahdi Dehghan Banadaki; Kamran RezaYazdi

Volume 41, Issue 4 , March 2011, , Pages 391-403

  Effects of Condensed Tannins (CT) on crude protein availability in sainfoin hay was investigated according to most popular ruminant feeding systems. Different treatments including Polyethylene Glycol (6000 MW), sodium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate, potassium permanganate, wood ash, water and urea, were ...  Read More

A Comparison of Breeding Objectives of Native Black Goat in Different Rearing Systems: 2. A Determination of the Economic Values

Mahmoud Vatankhah; MohammadAli Talebi; Mohsen Bagheri

Volume 41, Issue 3 , December 2010, , Pages 193-201

  In this study, production, reproduction, management and economic parameters deduced from recordings of 5 flocks with 720 heads of native goats during an annual cycle of production in transhumance, village and farming systems were employed to determine the traits' economic values. The economic values ...  Read More

An Estimation of Genetic Parameters for some Economic Traits in Iranian Crossbred Dairy Cattle

Maryam Ardalanfar; Saeed Hasani; Saeed Zerehdaran; MohammadBagher Sayadnezhad

Volume 41, Issue 3 , December 2010, , Pages 215-221

  برای برآورد پارامترهای ژنتیکی صفات اقتصادی جمعیت گاوهای آمیخته ایران، از رکوردهای دوره اول شیردهی 3587 تا 4946 رأس گاو آمیخته که در مرکز اصلاح نژاد و بهبود تولیدات دامی کشور، ...  Read More

Age Distribution and Generation Interval Corresponding to Four Selection Pathways of Holstein Cattle in Iran

Saherreh Jowzi Shekalgoorani; AbdolAhad Shadparvar; Rasoul VaezTorshizi; Mohammad Moradi Shahrbabak

Volume 41, Issue 3 , December 2010, , Pages 223-229

  Average age distribution and generation interval were investigated in four different selection pathways. i.e., Sire of future Sires (SS), Sire of future Dams (SD), Dam of future Sires (DS) and Dam of future Dams (DD). Young Bulls pathway (YB) is also considered as a path that affects the generation interval ...  Read More

Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Growth and Reproduction Traits and Genetic Trends of Growth Traits in Zel Sheep Breed under Rural Production System

Hosein Mohammadi; Mostafa Sadeghi

Volume 41, Issue 3 , December 2010, , Pages 231-241

  In this study records of 15723, 12108 and 5236 Zel sheep for birth weight (BW), weaning weight (WW) and 6-month weight (6MW) traits were used. Data has been collected by the Jahad-e-Keshavarzi organization of province of Mazandaran during 1994-2009. The heritability of direct and maternal of growth traits ...  Read More

Nutritive Value and Digestibility Parameters of Starchy Feeds Assayed, Using in vivo and in vitro Methods

Mansour Naderi; Rasoul PirMohammadi; Akbar Taghizadeh

Volume 41, Issue 3 , December 2010, , Pages 265-274

  This research was planned to evaluate the nutritive value of some starchy feeds including wheat grain, wheat flour, starch grades 1 and 2 through in vivo, in vitro and gas test methods. The first experiment was done through an employment of 4 Maku-ii rams with 43.2±1.4 Kg of body weight in a completely ...  Read More

Effect of Substituting Corn Silage with Waste Grapefruit Silage on Performance and Body Composition of Kermani Fattening Lambs

Omid Dayani; Mohammad Mahdi Sharifi Hoseini; Mohammad Reza Mohammad Abadi; Ahmad Ayatollahi Mehrjardi

Volume 41, Issue 3 , December 2010, , Pages 275-283

  This study was performed to determine the efficacy of feeding waste grapefruit silage vs. corn silage on performance and body composition of Kermani fattening lambs. Twenty seven male lambs weighing an average of 18.5±2.5 kg and again an average of 150±10 days old were randomly divided into three groups ...  Read More

Polyamide Nanofibers Matrix Promotes Proliferation and Function of Mouse Spermatogonia Stem Cells

Malek Shakeri; Hamid Kohram; AbdolHosein Shahverdi; Ahmad Zare Shahneh; Hosein Baharvand

Volume 41, Issue 3 , December 2010, , Pages 285-297

  The fate of mouse spermatogonia stem cells’ (SSCs) regulation is controlled by the interplay of signaling networks that either promote self- renewal or induce differentiation. It has been proven that cytokines, growth factors and feeder layers are capable of inducing self- renewal or reducing apoptosis ...  Read More

Effects of Different Levels of Sucrose and Starch in Total Mixed Rations on Rumen Fermentation, Nitrogen Metabolism and Performance of Holstein Dairy Cows

Amin Khezri; Kamran Reza Yazdi; Mohsen Danesh Mesgaran; Mohamad Moradi Shahr Babak; MohamadReza Mohamad Abadi

Volume 41, Issue 2 , September 2010

  To examine the effects of different sources of Rumen-Degradable Carbohydrates on rumen fermentation, nitrogen metabolism and performance of Holstein dairy cows, four lactating Holstein cows fitted with rumen cannulae in a 4×4 Latin Square with four diets and four 28 day periods each, were employed. ...  Read More

Investigation the Effects of Using of Zizaphora (Thymyus valgaris), Peppermint (Lamiaceae menthapiperita), Menta Pulagum (Oreganum valgare) Medical Plants on Performance, Egg Quality, Blood and Immunity Parameters of Laying Hens

Ali Nobakht; Yousof Mehman Navaz

Volume 41, Issue 2 , September 2010

  This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of using of zizaphora (Thymyus valgaris), peppermint (Lamiaceae menthapiperita), menta pulagum (Oreganum valgare) medicinal plants on performance, egg quality, blood and immunity parameters of laying hens. This experiment was conducted in a completely ...  Read More

The Feeding Value of Waste Whole Date either with or without Enzyme Supplementation on Broiler Performance

Somayeh Shahsavari; Mohamad SalarMoeini

Volume 41, Issue 2 , September 2010

  An experiment was conducted to study the effect of waste whole date, either with or without enzyme supplementation, on broiler performance. The chemical composition and metabolizable energy of the waste date were determined before a chick study of 3×2 factorial design arrangement, the treatments of ...  Read More

Effect of L-Carnitine on Growth Performance andCarcass Composition of Broiler Chicks Fed Low Crude Protein Diet

Elham Darsi Arani; Mahmoud Shivazad; Mojtaba Zaghari; Nbounid Famil Namroiud

Volume 41, Issue 2 , September 2010

  The effects of L-carnitine on growth performance and carcass composition in male broiler chicks, fed diet in which CP was reduced in a stepwise manner from 21 to 18% were investigated. Ileal digestible quantities of all EAA were almost equal in the diets, with quantities NRC 1994 recommendations. One ...  Read More