Effect of L-Carnitine on Growth Performance andCarcass Composition of Broiler Chicks Fed Low Crude Protein Diet



The effects of L-carnitine on growth performance and carcass composition in male broiler chicks, fed diet in which CP was reduced in a stepwise manner from 21 to 18% were investigated. Ileal digestible quantities of all EAA were almost equal in the diets, with quantities NRC 1994 recommendations. One hundred forty four male commercial broilers were allotted to six groups, each with four replicates (6 birds per replicate). The experimental design was a 2×3 factorial arrangement in a completely randomized design with 21, 19.5, 18% crude protein levels and 0, 50 mg/kg of L-carnitine. Performance of birds fed the low protein diets was not significantly affected by the CP levels. Fat content in whole-body and Abdominal Fat Deposition (AFD) increased linearly as CP decreased in the diets. The feeding trial showed that L-carnitine had no significant effect on either daily gain or feed conversion. Supplementation of L-carnitine in the diet decreased abdominal fat deposition and crude fat content of the leg muscles as well as the whole body (P<0.05). Reducing dietary CP increased plasma Na, K and Cl. The results of this study indicate that dietary crude protein can be reduced up to some point and L-carnitine could reduce the deposit of fat in the birds fed low protein diet.