The Effect of Using Different Levels of Rice Bran either with or without Multi-Enzyme Supplementation on Broiler Chicks' Performance



The present study was conducted to determine the effects of different levels of rice bran along with a multi enzyme on the performance of broiler chicks. Three hundred eighty four day-old male broiler chicks were taken in 8 treatments comprised of different levels of rice bran (0, 6, 12 and 18%) together with a multi enzyme (0 and 0.1%). Each treatment was carried out in 4 replicates each replicate comprised of 12 chicks. The experiment was a factorial one done in the framework of a completely randomized design. Increasing the level of rice bran in the diets decreased the chicks' body weight as well as weight gain while increasing feed conversion ratio in them. Feed intake and blood factors were not affected by different treatments (P>0.05). Weights of gizzard, liver, small intestine as well as ceca were affected by inclusion of rice bran. There were no significant effects of enzyme supplementation observed on broilers' performance, but there were significant effects observed on abdominal fat, blood glucose and triglycerides. No significant effect of total feed cost/Kg of body weight was observed between treatments.