An experiment was conducted to study the effect of waste whole date, either with or without enzyme supplementation, on broiler performance. The chemical composition and metabolizable energy of the waste date were determined before a chick study of 3×2 factorial design arrangement, the treatments of which consisted of three levels of waste whole date (0, 10 and 20%) and two levels of enzyme (0 and 0.035%). Two hundred and forty day-old male Ross broiler chicks were randomly allocated to 6 experimental groups of 4 replicates of 10 chicks each. The date contained low CP as well as AMEn (3.4% and 2732 Kcal/kg, respectively). Except in the 0-3 week period, birds fed diets containing either level of date showed statistically lower weight gain. The use of date led to statistically higher feed ratio. Adding enzyme to the diets significantly (p<0.05) increased body weight gain while decreasing feed conversion ratio. Chicks fed diets with either level of date had significantly heavier gizzards than the control chiks.