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A Study of the Performance of some of Production, Reproductive and Economic Traits of Cattle in Smallholder Dairy Farms in Chaharmohalo Bakhtiari Province

Mahmoud Vatankhah; Mehrab Faraji

Volume 42, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 285-296

  Four hundered and ninety five (495) smallholder dairy farms active in 52 villages of different cities in Chaharmohalo Bakhtiari Province, keeping 1321 lactating within a total of 2811 mature cows (lactating and dry) were used. These herds were taken during winter 2009 to summer 2010 to assess some of ...  Read More

Effects of Varying Crude Protein and Rumen Undegradable Protein on Performance of Holstein Fresh Cows

Tahereh Amirabadi Farahani; Hamid Amanlou; Najmeh Eslamian Farsuni

Volume 42, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 297-309

  Thirty multiparous Holstein dairy cows with average body weights of 687±15 kg and body condition scores of 3.25±0.15 were allocated to 1 out of each 3 groups, immediately after parturition (DIM=11) and in a completely randomized design. The first group was fed diet low in Rumen Undegradable Protein ...  Read More

Effects of Dietary Inclusion of Graded Levels of Olive Pulp with or without Mixed Powder of Garlic and Thyme on Carcass Characteristics and Performance of Broiler Chicks

Mohammad Ehsani; Mehran Torki

Volume 42, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 311-320

  This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of adding a commercial Medicinal Plant (MP) powder containing garlic (Allium sativum) and thyme (Thymus vulgaris) to diets that included Olive Pulp (OP), on the performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chicks. A total of 240 day old male Ross-308 ...  Read More

Estimation of Metabolisable Energy Equivalency Value of Natuzyme–P in Deficient Metabolisable Energy Diets

Ahmad Malakzadegan; Mojtaba Zaghari; Mahmoud Shivazad

Volume 42, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 321-327

  The objective followed in this study was to determine the AMEn equivalency of multienzyme Natuzyme-P. one hundred and sixty male Ross 308 broiler chicks were made use of in the experimentations. Graded levels of AMEn, 2600, 2750, 2900, plus 3050 kcal/kg in the starter, and 2700, 2850, 3000, plus 3150 ...  Read More

Optimization of Methionine Level in Broiler Breeder Diets, Using of Maximized Economic Profit and Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods

Seyed Abdolla Hosseini; Mojtaba Zaghari; Houshang Lotf-allahian; Mahmoud Shivazad; Hossein Moravej

Volume 42, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 329-336

  An experiment was conducted to determine the appropriate methionine level in broiler breeder’s diet. The treatments consisted of 6 levels of methionine (0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.4 and 0.45% diets), with 4 replicates of 7 hens each for a duration of 8 weeks and for ages of 28 to 35 weeks. Diets contained ...  Read More

Application of Microsatellite Markers for a Study of Kermani Sheep Genome

Ameneh Mohammadifar; Mohammadreza Mohammadabadi

Volume 42, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 337-344

  Kermani sheep breed is one of the major sheep breeds in Iran, especially in Kerman province for which no study has yet been carried out through Y-chromosome specific microsatellite markers. Throughout this study, amplification quality related to 17 bovine Y-chromosome specific microsatellites was evaluated ...  Read More

Estimation of Economic Values and Financial Losses Associated with Dystocia for Holstein Dairy Cattle of Iran

Ali Sadeghi-Sefidmazgi; Mohammad Moradi Shahrbabak; Ardeshir Nejati Javaremi; Seyed Reza Miraei Ashtiyani; P. R. Eymer

Volume 42, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 345-353

  The financial losses, absolute and net economic values (EVs) for direct (DCD) and Maternal Calving Difficulty (MCD) were estimated using a bioeconomic model and taking into account the categorical nature of the trait. The effects of dystocia on other traits were estimated. But because of low reliability ...  Read More

A Comparison of Physiological Variables as Observed between Healthy Broilers and Broilers with Subclinical Ascites

Fariborz Khajali; Fereydoon Khajali

Volume 42, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 355-360

  An experiment was conducted in which 30 broiler chickens were selected based on their ECG and designated as healthy or subclinical ascites. Subsequently, blood samples were collected and assayed for hemoglobin, hematocrit and differential leukocyte count. Finally, all the birds were euthanized and their ...  Read More

A Comparison of Fatty Acids Composition of Sperm Lipid in some Iranian Ruminants

Armin Towhidi; Farhad Samadian; Hamid Kohram; Mehdi Ansari

Volume 42, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 361-367

  The aim followed in this study was to make a comparison of the composition of fatty acids available in the sperm lipids of cattle, sheep and goat. Semen samples were collected from 28 Holestein cows, 12 Chal rams and 7 Mahabadi goats. After washing out and removal of the seminal plasma, total lipids ...  Read More

Effect of Dietary Kilka Fish Oil Supplementation on the Fatty Acids Composition and Consumer Acceptability of Chicken White Meat

Hamed Salehi; Saeid Zeinaldini; Armin Towhidi; Mahmoud Shivazad

Volume 42, Issue 4 , March 2012, Pages 369-377

  This experiment was designed to evaluate the effect of dietary Caspian Kilka fish oil on breast meat fatty acid (FA) profile and as well as sensory acceptability of breast meat. Fish oil supplementation was added to provide four graded levels (0, 1, 2, and 3% fish oil) in place of vegetable oil for supporting ...  Read More