Estimation of Metabolisable Energy Equivalency Value of Natuzyme–P in Deficient Metabolisable Energy Diets



The objective followed in this study was to determine the AMEn equivalency of multienzyme Natuzyme-P. one hundred and sixty male Ross 308 broiler chicks were made use of in the experimentations. Graded levels of AMEn, 2600, 2750, 2900, plus 3050 kcal/kg in the starter, and 2700, 2850, 3000, plus 3150 kcal/kg of the diet in the grower periods were used throughout the study. All the nutrients other than AMEn were equal among the treatments. Four levels of dietary NP enzyme (0.15, 0.25, 0.35 and 0.45 g/kg) were added to the basal diet (2600 and 2700 kcal/kg in the starter and grower periods, respectively). Each dietary treatment was randomly assigned to four pens of 5 chicks each. Feed intake and body weight gain were recorded at 28 and 42 d of age, and feed conversion ratio calculated. Regression equations were derived for graded levels of AMEn, and NP enzyme. The derived regression equations for AMEn were set equal to those obtained for NP and solved. Equivalency values for AMEn were found out by subtracting the obtained values from nutrient content in the basal diet. Equivalency value of NP enzyme at 28 d of age for AMEn was estimated to be 77066 kcal/kg. During 28 to 42 d of age, equivalency value for AMEn was estimated as 93080 kcal/kg.