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An Estimation of Discounted Genetic Expressions of Dairy Traits in Iranian Holstein Herds

Ali Sadeghi Sefidmazgi; Ardeshir Nejati-Javaremi; Mohammad Moradi-Shahrbabak; Seyed Reza Miraei Ashtiani; Peter R AYMER

Volume 42, Issue 3 , January 2011, Pages 189-197

  The objective of this study was to assess the Discounted Genetic Expressions (DGEs) for different categories of animal traits as regards Holstein cattle of Iran. Using discounted gene-flow principles, DGEs per calf born were estimated for self replacing females and also for their sires. In the situation ...  Read More

An Association between the C>T Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of Bovine OPN Gene and Milk Production and Composition in Iran Holstein Cattle

Majid Pasandideh; Mohammadreza Mohammad-abadi; Alireza Torang; Ali Esmaeilizadeh kashkoueiyejh

Volume 42, Issue 3 , January 2011, Pages 199-205

  Quantitative trait loci (QTL) affecting milk production traits on bovine chromosome 6 close to the OPN gene location have been identified through several whole genome scans. OPN is a phosphoprotein, synthesized in a variety of tissues and cells and secreted into body fluids. In this study, DNA was isolated ...  Read More

The Effect of Degradability Rates of Different Starch Sources on Performance and Blood Metabolites of Holstein Dairy Cows in their Early Lactation

Hamid Amanlou; Behzad Alizadeh; Mohammad-Hossein Shahir; Tahereh Amirabadi Farahani

Volume 42, Issue 3 , January 2011, Pages 207-219

  In order to examine the effect of degradability rates of different starch sources on performance of Holstein dairy cows in their early lactation, twenty multiparous lactating Holstein cows (586±33.7 BW; 48.15±9.32 DIM) were made use of in a randomized complete block design of four treatments during ...  Read More

Effect of Supplementation of Different Level Protein Diets with Rumen Protected Methionine and Lysine on Performance and Ruminal Parameters of Holstein Dairy Cows in Early Lactation

Hossein Abdi Benmar; Kamran Rezayazdi; Mehdi Dehghan banadaki

Volume 42, Issue 3 , January 2011, Pages 221-230

  The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of supplementation of different level protein diets with rumen protected methionine and lysine on performance and ruminal parameters in Holstein dairy cows when in their early lactation. Twenty one dairy cows in their early lactations were assigned ...  Read More

The in vitro Organic Matter Digestibility of Pistachio Hull using Rumen Fluid in Taleshi Sheep

Reza Lotfi noghabi; Yousef Rouzbehan

Volume 42, Issue 3 , January 2011, Pages 231-237

  This study was conducted to assess the in vitro organic matter digestibility (OMD) of pistachio hull using rumen fluid of Taleshi sheep. Animals were fed diets composed of 34% pistachio hull, 29% grape pomace, 32% alfalfa, and 5% grain barley. The chemical composition and phenolics' levels of pistachio ...  Read More

A Determination of the Optimal Slaughter Weight, Based on Carcass Characteristics for Ghezel and Mehraban Male Lambs

Jamshid Izadifard; Hadi Atashi

Volume 42, Issue 3 , January 2011, Pages 239-245

  One hundred and seventy four Ghezel and 130 Mehraban weaned male lambs were utilized to study the effect of on post weaning growth on slaughter weight and carcass traits. The lambs in each breed were randomly assigned to predetermined slaughter weight groups of 30, 40 or 50 Kg and were so far fattened ...  Read More

Effects of Feeding Different Levels of Alfalfa Hay and Corn Silage on Milk Production and Blood Metabolites in Holstein Cows

Amir Akbari Afjani; Abolfazl Zali; Mehdi Ganjkhanlou; Mehdi Dehghan Banadaki

Volume 42, Issue 3 , January 2011, Pages 247-253

  The effect of different levels of alfalfa hay and corn silage, in early lactation diet, on milk production and on milk components in Holstein cows was investigated. Fifteen Holstein cows (37 ±10 DIM) were taken in a completely randomized design experiment, lasting for 9 weeks. Three levels of hay and ...  Read More

Estimating Chemical Composition, Degradation Parameters and Gas Production of Persian Clover Nutrients at Different Plant's Growth Stages

Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Tabatabaei; Behrouz Najaf-nejad; Pouya Zamani; Akbar Taghizadeh; Ahmad Ahmadi; Hassan Aliarabi

Volume 42, Issue 3 , January 2011, Pages 255-264

  This study was conducted to determine the chemical composition, degradability characteristics gas production as well as the phenomenon of the Persian clover (Trifolium resopinatum) when at some growth stages of the were early budding to full flowering, namely: early budding (I), full budding (II), early ...  Read More

Effect of Considering Nutrient Equivalency of a Commercial Multi Enzyme (Natuzyme-P) in Feed Formulation on Broiler Chicks’ Performance

Mojtaba Zaghari; Saeid Khalaji

Volume 42, Issue 3 , January 2011, Pages 265-273

  This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of the addition of a multi enzyme (Natuzyme-P) to corn-soybean based diets and to determine the enzyme's nutrient equivalency on broiler chicks’ performance. Ninety six day-old male broiler chicks were randomly assigned to a number of 24 battery ...  Read More

Effect of Various Levels of Barley and Multi Enzyme on Metabolizable Energy, Dry Matter and Protein Digestibility of Diets and Performance of Broiler Chicks

Ali-asghar Saki; Sara Mirzaei Goudarzi; Shahab Ghazi; Mohammad Mehdi Moeini; Fatemeh Sahebi Ala

Volume 42, Issue 3 , January 2011, Pages 275-283

  This experiment was carried out for a determination of metabolizable energy and the effect of the Grind multienzyme on in-vitro dry matter and protein digestibility in diets, and as well on performance of broiler chicks. A number of 800 day old unsexed Arbor Acres broilers were placed in 8 treatments ...  Read More