Author = Mahdi Zhandi
Number of Articles: 17
1. Effect of different levels of encapsulated glutathione on cryopreservation of bull ‎sperm

Volume 51, Issue 2, Summer 2020, Pages 91-101


Touba Nadri; Saeed Zeinoaldini; Armin Towhidi; Gholamhossein Riazi; Mahdi Zhandi; Mohsen Sharafi

4. Comparison of two different probiotics effects on blood biochemical and hormonal parameters, and growth performance in suckling calves

Volume 50, Issue 3, Autumn 2019, Pages 185-196


Morteza Sabbaghi Feriz; Armin Towhidi; Mahdi Zhandi; Mahdi Dehghan Banadaki; Nasim Vakili

5. Determination of the egg yolk optimum level in the goat sperm freezing extender by In vitro evaluations

Volume 49, Issue 3, Autumn 2018, Pages 361-370


Mohammad Tar; Armin Towhidi; Saeed Zeinoaldini; Mahdi Zhandi; Mohammad Hosein Moazeni Zadeh

6. Effects of long-term hyperthyroidism on body weight, egg production and reproductive traits in breeder hens

Volume 49, Issue 2, Summer 2018, Pages 171-177


Fatemeh Saemi; Ahmad Zareh Shahneh; Mahdi Zhandi; Amir Akhlaghi; Sharif Rostami

7. Evaluation of genes expression affecting mammary gland growth and development in cows fed fish oil

Volume 49, Issue 1, Spring 2018, Pages 43-53


Hoda Javaheri Barfourooshi; Armin Towhidi; Hassan Sadeghipanah; Mahdi Zhandi; Saeed Zeinoaldini; Mohammad Hossein Banabazi

8. Effect of retinol acetate on immune system in male broiler breeder

Volume 48, Issue 3, Autumn 2017, Pages 313-319


Hajar Golabadi; Mojtaba Zaghari; Mahdi Zhandi

10. Evaluation of different hand-made semen extenders for improving sperm quality of honey bee after freezing

Volume 47, Issue 3, Autumn 2016, Pages 329-335


Fatemeh Dadkhah; Gholamali Nehzati Paqhaleh; Mahdi Zhandi; Mojtaba Emamverdi

11. The effect of D-aspartic acid on sperm quality of broiler breeder roosters

Volume 47, Issue 1, Summer 2016, Pages 165-174


Mahdi Ansari; Mahdi Zhandi; Hamid Kohram; Mojtaba Zaghari; Mostafa Sadeghi

12. The effects of feeding different dietary levels of active phospholipids on humeral immune system response in male broilers

Volume 46, Issue 3, Autumn 2015, Pages 263-269


Haniyeh Sadat Banikamal; Mahdi Zhandi; Malak Shakeri; Hossin Moravej

14. Filtration of home-made lecithin-based semen extender has no effect on post-thawed buck sperm quality

Volume 46, Issue 1, Spring 2015, Pages 47-53


Mahdi Zhandi; Reza Noei Razliqi; Mohsen Sharafi

15. The effect of supplemental n-3 fatty acids during pre- and post-partum diets on health and production of Holstein dairy cows

Volume 45, Issue 3, Autumn 2014, Pages 245-255


Hoda Javaheri Barfourooshi; Armin Towhidi; Hasan Sadeghipanah; Mehdi Zhandi; Saeed Zeinodini

16. The effect of methionine on Guinea pig ovulation

Volume 45, Issue 2, Summer 2014, Pages 117-124


Rasoul Karimi; Malek Shakeri; Mahdi Zhandi

17. The effect of different levels of Vitamin E in semen extender during the cooling on Caspian stallion sperm quality

Volume 45, Issue 1, Spring 2014, Pages 1-8


Iman Yousefian; Ahmad Zare-shahneh; Mahdi Zhandi; Majid Bahreini; Ghazaleh Izadpanah; Reza Noei; Mojtaba Emamverdi