The effect of methionine on Guinea pig ovulation

Document Type : Research Paper



The current study intends to analyze the effects of methionine on the ovulation of guinea pigs. 60 guinea pigs were given 4 different treatments in a completely randomize design. The treatments contained 0, 2, 4 and 6 percent of methionine per kg as fed. After two weeks as adaptation period, the four different treatments were given to the animals for two estrus cycle. After synchronization which was achieved through the inter muscular injection of PGF2a analog (cloroprostonal). 6ml/kg of cloroprostonal was injected twice in an eleven-day interval. At the end of experiment guinea pigs were slaughtered and the numbers of mature follicles were calculated by loop microscopy. The result shown that, the number of mature follicle increased as the amount of methionine in the diet rased. The Duncan`s test showed a significant relationship between the number of follicle in the right and left ovary with the higher amount of methionine (P<0.05) and didn’t reflect a significant relationship between weight of two ovary and the amount of methionine. It seems that if the amount of methionine increases in the diet, the ovulation will also increase regardless of the ovary and body weight.