Volume & Issue: Volume 51, Issue 3, Autumn 2020 

Research Paper

1. Effects of replacing corn silage with barley silage on performance of high-producing ‎Holstein cows ‎

Pages 173-181


Abolfazl Soltani; Mehdi Dehghan banadaky; Abolfazl Zali; Farhang Fatehi

2. Effects of feeding different trace mineral sources on performance and health of ‎Afshari ewes and lambs

Pages 183-192


Hamid Amanlou; Marziyeh ‎ Khebri; Behnam Rostami; Najme Eslamian Farsuni; Tahere Amirabadi Farahani; Mohsen Khalili

6. Genome-wide association study for milk production and somatic cell score traits in ‎Iranian Holstein cattle

Pages 221-229


Rostam Pahlavan; Mohammad Moradi Shahre Babak; Ardeshir Nejati Javaremi; Rostam Abdollahi Arpanahi