Volume & Issue: Volume 49, Issue 2, September 2018 

Research Paper

Effects of long-term hyperthyroidism on body weight, egg production and reproductive traits in breeder hens

Pages 171-177


Fatemeh Saemi; Ahmad Zareh Shahneh; Mahdi Zhandi; Amir Akhlaghi; Sharif Rostami

Estimation of (co)Variance components of growth curve parameters in Japanese quail

Pages 237-246


Hadi Faraji arough; Khadigeh Ebrahimi; Gholam Reza Dashab; Mohammad Rokouei

Gene-based and probe-based network modeling in some bovine tissues using DNA microarray data

Pages 297-310


Amin Mortazavi; Amir Rashidi; Mostafa Ghaderi-Zefrehei; Parham Moradi; Mohammad Razm Kabir