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Research Paper
Comparison of differential expression profiles of candidate genes related to fertility ‎traits using transcriptome perspective based on RNA-Seq in Holstein dairy cows

Farzad Ghafouri; Mostafa Sadeghi; Abolfazl Bahrami; Rostam Abdollahi-Arpanahi; Arash Javanmard; Seyed Reza Miraei-Ashtiani

Volume 52, Issue 4 , February 2022, Pages 217-229


  Genetic selection for increasing milk production and economic profitability in the dairy industry has been associated with reduction in reproductive performance, including lower embryo survival and pregnancy loss. The main purpose of this study was to use the transcriptome profiles of endometrial tissue ...  Read More

Research Paper
The effect of chemical and biological regulators of pH on histomorphometry and ‎histopathology of rumen, reticulum, liver and kidney of Arabi lambs ‎

Freshteh Vafaee; Morteza Chaji; omid khorasani; Farshad Baghban

Volume 52, Issue 4 , February 2022, Pages 231-241


  The aim of this study was to compare the effect of rumen pH-adjusting additives on histomorphometry and histopathology of rumen, reticulum, liver, and kidney. Twelve Arabi male lambs, 9±1 months old and initial body weight of 35.95±3.55 kg were used in a completely randomized design with ...  Read More

Research Paper
Effects of feeding palmitic and stearic fatty acids on growth performance, nutrient ‎digestibility and blood parameters of fattening lambs

Hossein Baee; Taghi Ghoorchi; Abdolhakim Toghdory

Volume 52, Issue 4 , February 2022, Pages 243-251


  In order to investigate the effect of partial replacement of cereal grains with different levels of calcium saltd of palmitic and stearic saturated fatty acids on the performance of fattening lambs, 30 male Dalagh-Romanov lambs were used for 89 days. Experimental treatments included: 1- control diet ...  Read More

Research Paper
Study on Hepatozoon canis in dogs in Urmia region

MohammadReza Zeinali; Farnaz Malekifard; Alaleh Rakhshanpour; Mohammad Yakhchali

Volume 52, Issue 4 , February 2022, Pages 253-260


  The aim of the present study was to detect Hepatozoon canis infection in dogs in Urmia municipality, northwestern Iran. The effects of age, sex, lifestyle, and tick infestation as risk factors in the incidence of the disease were studied. During years 2018 and 2019, a total of 246 whole blood samples ...  Read More

Research Paper
Estimation of financial losses associated with abortion in‏ ‏dairy herds using partial ‎budgeting model ‎

Hamideh Keshavarzi; Ali Sadeghi-Sefidmazgi

Volume 52, Issue 4 , February 2022, Pages 261-270


  Abortion in dairy cow can be categorized into two types of abortion: Rebreeding (RA, abortion incidence between 60 and 260 d of gestation, without change in lactation number), and new lactation abortion (NLA, abortion incidence after 200 d in gestation which leads to a new lactation). According to this ...  Read More

Research Paper
The effect of replacement soybean meal with fish meal on milk production, milk ‎composition and reproductive performance in repeat breeder Holstein cows ‎

Farhad Kamali Dehkordi; Hamid Amanlou; Nima Sadeghi Broujeni

Volume 52, Issue 4 , February 2022, Pages 271-283


  The objective of this experiment was to determine the effects of fish meal supplementation on productive and reproduction performance in repeat breeder Holstein cows. Two hundred and sixty-one multiparous Holstein cows with at least three consecutive unsuccessful inseminations, without clinically detectable ...  Read More