Effect of Extruded Linseed Diet on Production and Reproduction Performance of Holstein Cows

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Expert, Animal Scienes, and Director, Faka Agro-Animal husbandary Corporation

2 Senior Expert faka Agro-Animal Husbandary Corporation

3 Postgradute Student, Isfahan Industrial University, Isfahan

4 Expert faka Agro-Animal Husbandary Corporation

5 Senior Expert, faka Agro-Animal Husbandary Corporation


The present study was conducted to evaluate the effects of extruded Linseed on milk production,
dry matter intake and reproduction performance of 300 Holstein lactating cows (35±15 days in milk;
41±9/8 Kg/day of milk production). Cows were placed in a completely randomized design of 2
treatments (concentrate containing 7 percent of extruded linseed vs. control), (150 cows per
treatment). Cows were fed a balanced total mixed ration (610 g concentrate /kg DM and 390 g forages
/kg DM) 3 times per day and while being milked 3 times per day too. Cows in group 1 were fed
Totally Mixed Rotion (TMR) with no extruded linseed (control), while those in group 2 fed TMR
containing extruded linseed (7 percent of concentrate). Extruded linseed did not affect milk production
and dry matter intake (P>0.05). Cows treated with extruded linseed had higher pregnancy rates, fewer
number of open days and number of inseminations (P<0.05). It was finally concluded that extruded
linseed in ration can increase reproduction performance of Holstein dairy cows in their early lactation.