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2. Effect of reducing metabolizable protein with added rumen-protected lysine and methionine on the performance of the pregnant Afshari ewes

Volume 47, Issue 1, Summer 2016, Pages 89-102


Seyyed Saeid Mousavi; Hamid Amanlou; Ali Nikkhah; Ali Moustafa Tehrani; Hamid Reza Mirzaei Alamouti

9. Comparison of Fiber and Wool Follicles Characteristics of Chios, ArkhaMerino×Moghani and Suffolk×Moghani Sheep

Volume 43, Issue 1, Spring 2012, Pages 83-89


hamid reza ansari; hamidreza baghershah; sepehr moradi; mojtaba seyemomen

11. An Estimation of the Genetic, Phenotypic and Environmental Trends for as Related to Growth Traits, and Pelt Score in Karakul Sheep

Volume 41, Issue 4, Winter 2011, Pages 343-349

Saeed Hasani; Omid Emam Verdi; Saeed Zerehdaran; Mojtaba Ahani Azari; Homayoun Farhangfar

12. Relationship Between Growth and Carcass Traits in Lori-Bakhtiari Sheep

Volume 39, Issue 1, Winter 2009

mohammad ali talebi; seyed reza miraii ashtiani; mohammad moradi shahr babak; ardeshir nejati javaremi