The effect of Artichoke on Liver Function and Some Blood Parameters in Broiler Chicks Poisoned with CCl4

Document Type : Research Paper



The present study was conducted to evaluate the antioxidant effects of Artichoke on liver function in broiler chicks poisoned with CCl4. A total of 60 (Ross, 308) one-d-old broiler chicks were assigned into four treatments, using a completely randomized design. Experimental treatments included: 1) control (received control diet), 2) Artichoke (control diet supplemented with 3 percent Artichoke powder), 3) CCl4 (control diet plus 1 ml/kg/BW of CCl4), and 4) Artichoke+CCl4 (control diet supplemented with 3 percent Artichoke powder + 1 ml/kg/BW CCl4). Wing blood samples were taken to compare blood serum parameters including total protein, albumin, cholesterol and triglyceride as well as liver enzymes including Aspartate Amino Transferase (AST), Alanine Amino Transferase (ALT) and A,Lkaline Phosphatase (ALP). Meanwhile, liver samples were collected for liver histology. Results revealed that, blood serum parameters were not affected by Artichoke, while CCl4 decreased total protein and albumin while increasing cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations in blood serum (P