An Estimation of the Model of Energy Requirement for Broiler Breeder Hens in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


The nutrient requirements and performance guidelines of management guides are based upon many actual flock results obtained under good environmental and management conditions. In practice and under the prevalent poultry industry situation, through these nutrient levels, Iranian farmers cannot attain the performance reported in management guidelines. An estimation of the model of broiler breeder energy requirement under environmental and management conditions of Iran was the aim followed in the present study. The study was carried out, making use of observational as well as analytical information. Data related to broilers of 24 to 64 weeks of age were collected from 24 broiler breeder farms which reared Ross 308. These farms were distributed throughout 11 provinces of Iran. The equation for estimating Metabolizable Energy Intake (MEI) was predicted (R2=0.7) through:
MEI(kcal/bird/day) = 153.032 BW0.75 + 6.708 ADG + 14.198 EM -2.946 (BW0.75× ADG) -4.872 (BW0.75× EM) -0.272 (ADG × EM) + 0.11 (BW0.75× ADG × EM