Effect of Chromium Supplementation on Performance and on Carcass Characteristics, Mahabadi Goat Kids

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Postgraduate Student, Animal Nutrition, Dept

2 Assistant, Dept: of Animal Sciece, University of Tehran

3 Associate Professor Dept: of Animal Sciece, University of Tehran

4 Postgradute Student, Dept of Animal Science, College of Agriculture, University of Zanjan

5 Graduate Student, Dept: of Animal Sciece, University of Tehran


The present study was carried out to determine the effects of supplementing Chromium-Methionine
(Cr-Met) on performance and carcass traits in Mahabadi goat kids. Thirty-two male kids (average
initial BW of 22 ± 2 kg, 4-5mo) were used in a completely randomized design of four treatments vis.:
1) control (with no Cr suppl.), 2) 500ug Cr suppl., 3) 1000ug Cr suppl.and 4) 1500ug Cr suppl.as Cr-
Met/animal/d. Diets fed were the same and the experimental period 94 d. Animals were kept in
individual pens of their own mangers. Kids were weighed at 21 day intervals and slaughtered at the
end of the trial. Dry matter intake, average daily gain and feed conversion ratios were not affected by
the chromium supplementation. Addition of Cr decreased fat depth over the 12thrib(P<0.05), but did
not affect the, dressing percentage, eye muscle area, carcass length, liver and kidney weight,
abdominal and kidney fat.The 1500ug/d level of Cr increased heart weight(P=0/04). Percentages or
weights of: ribs, dissected muscle, fat and bone, and percentages of muscle crude protein, ether
extract, moisture and ash contents were not affected by Cr supplementation either. These results
indicate that supplementation of goat kid diet with Cr-Met did not affect carcass traits and growth
performance but decreased back fat thickness while increasing heart weight.