Keywords = starch
Prediction the metabolizable energy of most wheat cultivars of Alborz province with a multiple regression equation

Volume 46, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 379-388


Jamshid Noorghadimi; Hossein Moraveg; Fatemeh Ghaziani; Rasoul Akbari

The Effect of Degradability Rates of Different Starch Sources on Performance and Blood Metabolites of Holstein Dairy Cows in their Early Lactation

Volume 42, Issue 3, January 2011, Pages 207-219

Hamid Amanlou; Behzad Alizadeh; Mohammad-Hossein Shahir; Tahereh Amirabadi Farahani

Effects of Different Levels of Sucrose and Starch in Total Mixed Rations on Rumen Fermentation, Nitrogen Metabolism and Performance of Holstein Dairy Cows

Volume 41, Issue 2, September 2010

Amin Khezri; Kamran Reza Yazdi; Mohsen Danesh Mesgaran; Mohamad Moradi Shahr Babak; MohamadReza Mohamad Abadi