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The Effect of Neuspora sitophila Fungi on Chemical Composition, Digestibility and Degradability of Sugar Beet Pulp

Masoud Dashti Saridorgh; Yousef Ruzbehan; SeyedAbbas Shojaosadati

Volume 40, Issue 4 , March 2010

  Chemical composition, in vitro digestibility and in situ (dry matter and protein) degradability were measured to assess the nutritive value of Sugar Beet Pulp (SBP) treated with Neuspora sitophila fungi. The obtained data were compared using t test. Dry Matter (DM), Crude Protein (CP), Neutral Detergent ...  Read More

Genetic Relationships between Linear Type Traits, Milk Yield and Open Day in Holstein Cows of Iran

MohammadReza BakhtiariZadeh; Mohammad Moradi ShahreBabak; Abbas Pakdel; Ahmad Moghimi

Volume 40, Issue 4 , March 2010

  The objective of the present study was to estimate the relationship between genetic parameters for 13 linear type traits, and milk yield as well as open day in Holstein cattle of Iran. Three data sets of: 16502 (type traits), 16557 (milk yield) and 11631 (open days) records related to the first calving ...  Read More

An Evaluation the Feeding Value of Date Pits in Broiler Chickens

Mojtaba Zaghari; MohammadMehdi Ghasemi; Mahmoud Shivazad; Ardeshir SheykhAhmadi

Volume 40, Issue 4 , March 2010

  An experiment was conducted to evaluate the feeding value of date pits in broiler chickens. One hundred sixty eight male broiler chicks (Ross 308) from 1 to 42 days of age were used. Experimental design was CRD, in a factorial arrangement of 4 replicates per treatment. The factors included: 3 levels ...  Read More

The Effect of Peptide Nitrogen Source on Nutrients Digestibility, Ruminal Fermentation Pattern and Microbial Nitrogen Synthesis in Late Lactating Dairy Cows

Mehdi Kazemi Benchenari; Kamran RezaYazdi; Ali Nikkhah; Hamid Kohram; Mehdi Dehghan Banadaki; MohammadReza Emami

Volume 40, Issue 4 , March 2010

  This experiment was conducted to study the effects of Peptide Nitrogen Source (PNS) infusion on ruminal fermentation pattern, nutrient digestibility, and microbial nitrogen production. Three ruminally cannulated Holstein dairy cows BW=682 kg and DIM=210d were assigned in a 3×3 Latin Square of 21-d periods. ...  Read More

Study of the Effect of Autoselection on Heritability and Selection Response in Reproductive Traits

Masoud ShirAli; Hasan MehrabaniYeganeh

Volume 40, Issue 4 , March 2010

  Autoselection is a kind of natural selection, that occurs in reproductive traits by inequality of offspring generation and therefore by virtue of the nature of its genes transmission to next generations. In this study, the effects of autoselection on heritability and selection response in reproductive ...  Read More

Estimation of Genetic Parameters of Economically Important Traits in Native Fowl, Yazd Province

Hakimeh EmamGholi Begli; Saeed Zereh Daran; Saeed Hasani; MokhtarAli Abbasi

Volume 40, Issue 4 , March 2010

  Data related to Yazd native fowls (obtained during 2000-2008) Yazd native fowls were made use of in the present study. The investigated traits consisted of Body Weight at 8 (BW8) and 12 weeks (BW12), Age at Sexual Maturity (ASM), Egg Number during the first three months of production period (EN) and ...  Read More

Hyperbolastic vs. Classic Model to Estimate Male Broiler Chicken Growth

Mohsen Nikkhah; Majid MotaghiTalab; Mohsen Zavareh

Volume 40, Issue 4 , March 2010

  Such classical growth models as Gompertz and Richards have been extensively used in broiler studies. This study was conducted to explore if 3 types of Hyperbolastic growth models known as H1 (generalized from logistic growth model), H2 (stand alone) and H3 (generalized from Wei¬¬bull growth model) ...  Read More