Effects of enzymes and probiotics addition to diets containing different ‎levels of metabolizable energy on growth performance, nutrients ‎digestibility and net energy improvement of broiler chickens fed with ‎corn-soybean meal diet

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Animal Science, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University, Sari, Iran


This experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of adding enzymes and probiotics to diets containing different levels of metabolizable energy on performance and net energy efficiency in broiler-fed based on corn-soybean meal. This experiment was performed with 8 treatments and 5 replications with 400 maleRoss 308 broiler chicks. Treatments including diets with and without multi-enzyme (0, 500 g/t), with and without probiotics lactofid (0, 200 g/t) and two levels of metabolizable energy (2850 and 3100 kcal/kg) in a 2×2×2 factorial arrangement with completely randomized design. Increasing dietary energy level to 3100 kcal/kg improved feed consumption throughout the whole period and increased weight gain during the growing period and the in whole period of the experiment (p<0.05). Adding of probiotics increased weight gain of chickens during the growth period (p<0.05). Adding of enzymes, probiotics and increasing energy level increased organic matter digestibility (p<0.05). Supplementation of enzymes and probiotics to diet containing 3100 kcal/kg of metabolizable energy, increased energy efficiency and efficiency of energy retention as protein and fat in the body of broiler chicks (p<0.05).


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