Differential gene expression of two bovine Bos taurus (Holstein) and Bos indicus (Cholistani) sub-species using RNA-Seq data

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Former M.Sc. Student, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran

2 Professor, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran

3 Assistant Professor, Animal Science Research Institute of Iran (ASRI), Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Karaj, Iran


The aim of this research was to study gene expression profiling and differential analysis between Bos taurus (Holstein) and Bos indicus (Cholistani) subspecies. The transcriptome was assembled through aligning and mapping the RNA-Seq reads that have already been sequenced by next generation sequencing technology. Among 24616 genes and 26717 transcripts, only 41 genes were differently expressed. The highest digital gene expression was measured for a mitochondrial gene (ENSBTAG00000043545), and was only expressed in the Cholistani population. One gene had two differentially expressed isoforms. Gene pathway analysis indicated that the differential expressed genes included in pathways, are particularly related to immunity, response to stress and angiogenesis. These pathways have probably resulted in adoption to various climatological conditions and perceptible phenotypes in the studied subspecies during their evolution.


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