Determining ofnutritive value of Cressa Cretica plant in different phenological of growth stageswith in vitro, in vivo and nylon bag methods in Sistan

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1 niversity of zabol

2 university of zabol


The aim of this research was determination of nutritive value of Cressa Cretica with gas test method, in vivo digestibility and degradability with nylon bag method in three phenological stages. The amount of crude protein decreased significantly in seeding stage. But the amount of NDF and ADF increased in seeding stage. The degradability of dry matter and rapid and slowly degradable fractions decreased in development of phenological stages. The gas production increased in seeding stage compared to vegetative and flowering stage. The amount of organic matter digestibility for three phenologic stages was %56.34, %58.04 and %58.44 respectively and metabolizable energy was %8.4, %8.71 and %8.69 MJ/kg respectively (P<0.01). The apparent digestibility of NDF and ADF of this plant decreased numerically in sheep with increasing of lignifications of cell wall in flowering and seeding stage. The result of this experiment showed significant effect of different stages of growth on nutritive value of Cressa cretica. With regards of results of chemical composition and apparent digestibility vegetative growth of Cressa cretica had higher nutritive value compared to flowering and seeding stage. Nevertheless in addition survey of antinutrient of this plant, economy stage of harvest and effect of different use on nutritive value of this plant is determined in future researches.