Effect of Extruded Linseed Diet on Production and Reproduction Performance of Holstein Cows



This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of extruded linseed on milk production, dry matter intake and reproduction performance of 300 Holstein lactating cows (35±15 days in milk; 41±9/8 Kg/day of milk production). Cows were utilized in a completely randomized experimental design, comprised of: 2 treatments (concentrate containing 7 percent extruded linseed vs control) with a number of 150 cows per treatment. Cows were fed a balanced total mixed ration (610 g concentrate /kg DM and 390 g forage /kg DM) 3 times daily, and milked 3 times daily. Cows in group 1 were fed TMR without extruded linseed (control); cows in group 2 were fed totally mixed ration with TMR with containing extruded linseed (7 percent of concentrate). Extruded linseed did not affect milk production and dry matter intake (P>0.05). Treatment of feeding cows with extruded linseed caused them to have higher Pregnancy rates, lower number of open days, and fewer number of inseminations (P<0.05). It was concluded that extruded linseed can increase reproduction performance of Holstein dairy cows in their early stages of lactation