QTL Mapping for Body Weight up to 28 Days of Age using Candidate Regions in Japanese Quail



Body Weight (BW) is a complex and important economic trait that may benefit from the implementation of Marker Assisted Selection (MAS). The objective followed in this study was to identify QTLs associated with BW at different ages as distinct traits based on an experimental half-sib cross of Japanese quails divergently selected for BW at 4 weeks of age. The body weights at hatch, and as well at one, two, three and four weeks of age were assessed in the F2 population. A total 220 F2 individuals were genotyped for 6 informative microsatellite markers located on chromosomes 1, 2 and 9. The interval mapping was conducted to identify putative QTLs. A QTL for BW at hatch while another at 1 wk of age were identified as significant on chromosome 2 (P<0.01) which may include 1.25% vs. 1.63% of the phenotypic variance, respectively. A QTL for BW at 3 wk of age can be susggested on chromosome 1. As for BW at 4 wk of age, one QTL was recognized as significant on chromosome 1 (P<0.01) while two suggested on chromosomes 2 and 9. A significant QTL explains 1.13% of the phenotypic variance. In conclusion, the results introduced some regions as harboring significant QTLs that affect BW traits. This study provided a potential for further work(s) on candidate gene(s), and Marker Assisted Selection for Body Weight traits.