To determine the protein polymorphism of ovine transferrin association with carcass economic traits in Makoei, blood samples of 576 (male and female) lambs with two types of Venoject (EDTA anticoagulant containing and non-anticoagulant containing). plasma and serum were then separated and kept in the Central Laboratory of Animal Science Depaartment in Karaj at -20°C. The research was conducted in Maysam Slaughter House located in Robat Karim. Transferrin polymorphism was determined through horizontal electrophoresis gel polyacrylamid. In total 24 genotypes with 10 respective alleles of C, B, D, A, E, G, L, K, M, Q, frequency were determined. The C allele with 0.29 frequency was the frequent allele and the M one with the 0.004 frequency was the rare allele. Association of polymorphic variations of ovine transferrin with live weight, hot carcass weight, hot carcass weight with and fat-tail weight was significant (P<0.01), but the genotypes of different proteins of transferrin with abdominal fat were not recorded as significant (P>0.05).