Data on 300 Kermani sheep from Kermani Breeding Center of Shahrbabak were utilized in the present research. Horizontal polyacryle amide electrophoresis was employed to detect polymorphism of Transferrin and Albumin, while Acetate cellulose being utilized for Hemoglobin. Three genotypes of Hemoglobin were observed(AA, AB and BB with respective frequencies of 4.6, 43.8 and 51.6). Frequency of A allele of Hemoglobin in Kermani sheep was superior to those investigated in other Iranian sheep. Eight allels were determined for tranferrin, (B, C, A, D, E, G, Q and L in frequencies of 46.7, 27.11, 12.82, 9.16, 2.01, 1.28, 0.55 and 0.37 respectively). These alleles made up 19 genotypes from among which BC genotype possessed the most frequency while AL & LD genotypes the least ones. Albumin Electrophoresis results showed two genotypes SS and SW with frequency of 98% and 2% respectively. Following genotype determination of the sheep for the proteins, effect of proteins on body weight, daily weight gain and wool production was investigated. Trensferrin and Hemoglobin effects were singnificant on 12 month weight (P<0.05), from which the sheep with BB Hemoglobin and CE Transferrin types weighted the highest. Effect of proteins on other traits was not significant although some genotypic groups of hemoglobin and transferrin exhibited significant differences.