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Invistigation of effictive populatioin, linkage disequilibrium and haplotype block structure in Azarbaijani breed buffalo using high density SNP markers

Mohammad Hossein Fallahi; Hossein Moradi Shahrbabak; Mohammad Moradi Shahrbabak; Rostam Abdollahi Arpanahi

Volume 49, Issue 2 , September 2018, , Pages 247-255


  The aim of this study was to determine genomewide linkage disequilibrium (LD), Haplotype block and effective population size using the information obtained from 243 Azarbaijani breed buffalo using a high density SNP panel (Axiom® Buffalo Genotyping 90K). After quality control of SNP markers data, ...  Read More

Impact of genotype imputation and different genomic architectures on the performance of random forest and threshold Bayes A methods for genomic prediction

Yousef Naderi

Volume 49, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 145-157


  Genomic selection using imputed genotypes can have an important role in increasing economic efficiency andthe genetic improvement of the threshold traits. The objective of this study was to: investigate the accuracy of imputation and to evaluate its effect on area under receiver operating characteristic ...  Read More

The pattern of linkage disequilibrium in three native Iranian sheep breeds

Somayeh Barani; Mohammad Moradi-Shahrbabak; Ardeshir Nejati-Javaremi; Mohammad Hosein Moradi; Mohsen Gholizadeh; Majid Khansefid

Volume 48, Issue 1 , June 2017, , Pages 11-18


  Understanding the pattern of linkage disequilibrium (LD) in different populations provides useful information for genomic selection (GS), genome wide association studies (GWAS) and identification of genetic architecture of traits by estimating the persistence of LD phase between markers and quantitative ...  Read More