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QTL Mapping for Body Weight up to 28 Days of Age using Candidate Regions in Japanese Quail

elham rezvan nejad; abbas pakdel; seidreza miraey; hasan mehrbani yagane; mohammad mahdi yaghoobi

Volume 43, Issue 3 , October 2013, , Pages 423-430


  Body Weight (BW) is a complex and important economic trait that may benefit from the implementation of Marker Assisted Selection (MAS). The objective followed in this study was to identify QTLs associated with BW at different ages as distinct traits based on an experimental half-sib cross of Japanese ...  Read More

Measurement of Subcutaneous Fat Thickness and Longissimus Dorsi Muscle through Ultrasound to Estimate Carcass Composition in Live Moghani Sheep

s.m. hosseini vardanjani; seidreza miraey; a. pakdel; Hossein Moradi Shahrbabak

Volume 43, Issue 4 , February 2012, , Pages 53-520


  To investigate the possibility of using ultrasound to estimate carcass composition, 38 Moghani male lambs were made use of. Subcutaneous fat depth (USFT) and longissimus dorsi muscle depth (ULMD) and area (ULMA) were assessed in the site between 12th and 13th ribs by using ultrasound equipped with an ...  Read More

An Estimation of Genetic Trend for Production Traits and a Determination of the Impact of Some Factors on it in Iranian Holstein Cattle

Mohamad Saheb Honar; Mohamad Moradi Shahr Babak; Seyed Reza Miraei Ashtiani; Mohamad Bagher Sayad Nezhad

Volume 41, Issue 2 , September 2010

  Genetic trend for production traits were estimated in Iranian Holstein cattle using the first lactation data recorded by Cattle Breeding and Dairy Product Improvement Center of the State from 1991 to 2006. Effect of some factors on genetic trend was investigated using data from 18 large herds. (Co) variance ...  Read More