Keywords = Holstein cattle
A Study of the Relationship between TLR4 Gene and Clinical Mastitis in Holstein Dairy Cows in Iran

Volume 44, Issue 2, August 2013, Pages 141-148



An Association between the C>T Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of Bovine OPN Gene and Milk Production and Composition in Iran Holstein Cattle

Volume 42, Issue 3, January 2011, Pages 199-205

Majid Pasandideh; Mohammadreza Mohammad-abadi; Alireza Torang; Ali Esmaeilizadeh kashkoueiyejh

Age Distribution and Generation Interval Corresponding to Four Selection Pathways of Holstein Cattle in Iran

Volume 41, Issue 3, December 2010, Pages 223-229

Saherreh Jowzi Shekalgoorani; AbdolAhad Shadparvar; Rasoul VaezTorshizi; Mohammad Moradi Shahrbabak

An Estimation of Genetic Trend for Production Traits and a Determination of the Impact of Some Factors on it in Iranian Holstein Cattle

Volume 41, Issue 2, September 2010

Mohamad Saheb Honar; Mohamad Moradi Shahr Babak; Seyed Reza Miraei Ashtiani; Mohamad Bagher Sayad Nezhad

An Estimation of Genetic Parameters for some Reproductive Traits and their Relationships to Milk Yield in Iranian Holstein Cattle

Volume 40, Issue 4, March 2010

Ayatollah Chookani; Mohammad Dadpasand; HamidReza Mirzaei; Mohammad Rokouii; MohammadBagher SayadNezhad

The Effect of Adjustment for Production Trait Records on Estimation of Variance Components and Genetic Evaluation in Iranian Holstein Cattle

Volume 40, Issue 2, September 2009

bakhtiyar amini; mohammad moradi shahr babak; ardeshir nejati javaremi; mohammad bagher sayad nejad

Trend of Inbreeding in Iranian Holstein Population

Volume 39, Issue 1, February 2009

Reza Tohidii; Rasoul Vaez torshizi; Mohammad Moradi shahr babak; mohammad bagher sayad nejad