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Estimates of Genetic and Phenotypic Parameters for Composite Reproductive Traits in Baluchi Ewes

masoomeh bagheri; Mohammad Moradi shahr babak; Rasoul Vaez torshizi

Volume 39, Issue 1 , February 2009

  Records of 2593 baluchi ewes, obtained from Baluchi Sheep Breeding Station in Abbas Abad, Mashhad, were used to estimate genetic parameters for total weight of lamb weaned per ewe joined (TWW/WJ) in different parities. Estimates of heritability for TWW1/EJ, TWW2/EJ, TWW3.EJ and TWW4/EJ were 0.112 ? 0.030, ...  Read More

Trend of Inbreeding in Iranian Holstein Population

Reza Tohidii; Rasoul Vaez torshizi; Mohammad Moradi shahr babak; mohammad bagher sayad nejad

Volume 39, Issue 1 , February 2009

  A pedigree file of 382831 Holstein cows and bulls, collected from herds registered by Animal Breeding Center of Iran during 1967 to 1999, was used to calculate the inbreeding coefficient. The mean inbreeding coefficient for the whole population (male and female), on a base year of 1946, was 0.184%. The ...  Read More

Effects of Gamma Irradiation on Ruminal Protein Degradability and Intestinal Digestibility of Rapeseed Meal

parvin shawrang; ali nikkhah; ahmad zare shahne; gholam reza raies ali; mohammad moradi shahr babak; ali asghar sadeghi

Volume 39, Issue 1 , February 2009

  This study was carried out to determine the effects of gamma irradiation on dry matter (DM) and on crude protein (CP) degradation of rapeseed meal, using nylon bags and SDS-PAGE techniques. Ruminal nylon bags of either untreated or irradiated rapeseed meal at doses of 25, 50 and 75 kGy were suspended ...  Read More