Author = hamid reza rahmani
Number of Articles: 3
1. Effect of Adding Palm Oil, Soybean Oil or Roasted whole Soybean to the Transition Diet on Holstein Dairy Cows Performance

Volume 43, Issue 3, Autumn 2013, Pages 347-355


yousef roozbehan; saeed karimi dehkordi; hamid reza rahmani; mohammad khorvash

2. Effect of Nutrition Management on Fattening Performance and on Cost Benefit Analysis in Lori-Bakhiari Lambs

Volume 42, Issue 1, Summer 2011, Pages 47-55

Gholamreza Shadnoush; Masoud Alikhani; Hamidreza Rahmani; Mohammad Ali Edris; Azizolah Kamalzade; Mojtaba Zahedifar

3. Acid-Base Balance in Laying Hens and Its Relationship with Diet Electrolytes at Cyclic Heat Stress

Volume 41, Issue 1, Spring 2010

Lotfolah Bornaei; AbdolHosein Samie; HamidReza Rahmani; Javad PourReza