Author = SayadNezhad, MohammadBagher
Number of Articles: 3
1. An Estimation of Genetic Parameters for some Reproductive Traits and their Relationships to Milk Yield in Iranian Holstein Cattle

Volume 40, Issue 4, Winter 2010

Ayatollah Chookani; Mohammad Dadpasand; HamidReza Mirzaei; Mohammad Rokouii; MohammadBagher SayadNezhad

2. Influence of Environmental Factors Affecting the Shape of Lactation Curve in Iranian Buffalo Ecotypes

Volume 40, Issue 2, Summer 2009

javad rahmani nia; hamid reza mirzaii; homayoon farhang far; naser emam jomeh; mohammadbagher sayad nejad

3. Trend of Inbreeding in Iranian Holstein Population

Volume 39, Issue 1, Winter 2009

Reza Tohidii; Rasoul Vaez torshizi; Mohammad Moradi shahr babak; mohammad bagher sayad nejad