Author = Mohammad Razmkabir
Performance of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and linear mixed models for prediction of breeding values

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 19 November 2023


Samira Gavili; Mohammad Razmkabir; Amir Rashidi; Rezgar Arabzadeh

Determining the economic selection index for growth traits in the semi-concentrated rearing system of Merkhoz goats

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 19 November 2023


Farhad Hosseinzadeh Shirzeyli; Sahereh Joezy-Shekalgorabi; Mehdi Amin-Afshar; Mohammad Razmkabir

Detection of genomic regions under positive selection in adapting to high altitude in Iranian sheep

Volume 55, Issue 1, March 2024, Pages 143-162


Zahra Patiabadi; Mohammad Razmkabir; Ali Esmailizadeh; Mohammad Hossein Moradi; Amir Rashidi

Genetic analysis of dystocia in Holstein cattle using linear and threshold models

Volume 52, Issue 1, June 2021, Pages 51-62


Arezoo Shahsavari; Mohammad Razmkabir; Amir Rashidi

Inbreeding depression for growth traits in small ruminants: A meta-analysis

Volume 51, Issue 3, December 2020, Pages 231-241


Bilal Bahrami; Mohammad Razmkabir; Peyman Mahmoudi

The evaluation of breeding strategies in Mazandaran native fowls using computer simulation

Volume 49, Issue 4, March 2019, Pages 481-494


Babak Enayati; Amir Rashidi; Rostam Abdollahi Arpanahi; Mohammad Razmkabir