Author = moradi, hossein
Number of Articles: 5
1. Use Of Principal Components Analysis to Prediction Fat-tail Weight Trait in Lori-Bakhtiari Sheep

Volume 43, Issue 1, Spring 2012, Pages 103-111


mohammadreza bakhtiarizade; mohammad moradi shahre babak; hossein moradi; mahmood vatankhah

4. Comparison of the Accuracy of the Estimated Traditional and Genomic Breeding Values using Single and Multi-Trait Analyses

Volume 43, Issue 4, Winter 2012, Pages 497-504


s. foroutanifar; h. mehrbani yeganeh; Hossein Moradi Shahrbabak

5. Measurement of Subcutaneous Fat Thickness and Longissimus Dorsi Muscle through Ultrasound to Estimate Carcass Composition in Live Moghani Sheep

Volume 43, Issue 4, Winter 2012, Pages 53-520


s.m. hosseini vardanjani; seidreza miraey; a. pakdel; Hossein Moradi Shahrbabak