Author = Miraei Ashtiyani, Seyed Reza
Number of Articles: 3
1. Estimation of Economic Values and Financial Losses Associated with Dystocia for Holstein Dairy Cattle of Iran

Volume 42, Issue 4, Winter 2012, Pages 345-353

Ali Sadeghi-Sefidmazgi; Mohammad Moradi Shahrbabak; Ardeshir Nejati Javaremi; Seyed Reza Miraei Ashtiyani; P. R. Eymer

2. An Estimation of Discounted Genetic Expressions of Dairy Traits in Iranian Holstein Herds

Volume 42, Issue 3, Winter 2011, Pages 189-197

Ali Sadeghi Sefidmazgi; Ardeshir Nejati-Javaremi; Mohammad Moradi-Shahrbabak; Seyed Reza Miraei Ashtiani; Peter R AYMER

3. Economic Values of Reproduction, Growth and Carcass Composition Traits in Lori-Bakhtiari Sheep

Volume 41, Issue 3, Autumn 2010, Pages 203-210

MohammadAli Talebi; Seyed Reza Miraei Ashtiani; Mohammad Moradi Shahrbabak; Ardeshir Nejati Javaromi